Working with Peugeot's media agency CMW, we have recently launched  PeugeotCompare  to complement Peugeot's fleet website. The tool uses sliders and graphics to help fleet buyers and company car drivers identify their ideal car or van from the range. Once selected, the vehicle can be compared objectively against close competitors from other makes, and the visitor can download detailed comparisons on performance, size, weights, emissions, tax and fuel costs.

Although contained within the main Peugeot UK site and linking to their tax calculator tool which we also provide, the site can also be used on its own by dealers or salesmen.

The site makes use of our new Selector tool which is close to release in a fully customisable format.

(Update 27.2.2014- Peugeot have switched to using a different provider for PeugeotCompare. Note how the car descriptions no longer follow Peugeot's format.)