Carmen Data have produced a company car tax calculator designed to fit perfectly in the SEAT website. Taking cues from the their corporate style guide and following best practice web accessibility standards, the tool is now available at

SEAT were conscious that a significant proportion of their web traffic came from users on mobile devices and so a key requirement of the project was a fully responsive design which looked great and felt just as natural in the palm of your hand as it does on a desktop workstation. It can be tempting to hide elements of a webpage on smaller screens and make assumptions about what information a user may wish to see on different devices however this can lead to a frustrating user experience - we wanted to make sure that the tool provided the same information and functionality regardless of the size of the device used to access it.

One of the hardest elements of the tool to render on a smaller screen was tabular data. On our derivative selection page we have taken care to break table rows down into blocks so that all data relating to a single car is visually grouped and viewable all at once. We have also added collapsible information sections on our calculation page with large easy tap-targets which avoid overloading users on small screens but at the same time allowing access to the same useful information.

Stay tuned for a more responsive redesign coming soon to