Carmen Data made a good decision to adopt Angular as its Javascript framework of choice, as its since had its user base increase dramatically and had masses of support from Google who lead the development of it.

We currently use it for our back end administration tools and some of our statistics platforms but we're planning on pushing it into more of the tools on our public websites.

This will allow us to provide more sophisticated single page applications with simpler user journeys and an improved user experience.

With the (still) upcoming release of Angular 2.0 we thought it would be wise to attend the new Angular Connect conference and find out what's going on, what's coming up and how everyone else is using Angular and related software.

The conference itself was run brilliantly, once again by White October Events who also run jQuery UK (now Render). The content was diverse and overwhelming, covering not just Angular 1 & 2 but also compatible frameworks that work well with Angular (ionic, batarang, cordova, nw.js and many more)

They addressed common issues with Angular 1 and how they are being addressed in the newer version, as well as tactics and best practices to combat these difficulties.

As it's the first year it was run we only sent 1 attendee to check it out.

Next time we go we'll be sure to send more, so we don't miss out on any thing useful.