Carmen Data's range of existing products are being updated to work responsively with big desktop screens, large and small tablets, touch screen laptops, smart phones and any other device used to browse our content.

Anything new we build is designed from the ground up to be responsive and is tested as it's developed on a variety of touch devices and mouse/keyboard computers.

We're not just taking screen size into account, as rearranging content to fit on a smaller screen (or expanding it to fill a bigger screen) isn't always enough.

Fortunately for us our newest team member Luke is doing a fantastic job of providing well thought out UI and UX designs.

Luke has adapted well to working in Carmen Data, moving from a more design focussed role in his previous job to becoming a Full Stack Developer at Carmen Data. His speciality still lies firmly with UX and Design and he leads the front end and graphical aspects of all our projects, further expanding the dev teams capabilities.

Everyone here is looking forward to crossing off all our projects and pages as we work through our responsive design roadmap.