To get an idea of the different ways of setting up a scheme, there is a general illustrator at (or just search Google for “car salary sacrifice calculator” for the number one organic result ). This quickly shows that an expensive petrol car is a bad idea, whereas an electric is great. The various settings can be thought about and customised to produce whitelabel versions, for instance the one we provide to CBVC Vehicle Management at .

Key features of the sites we can provide include:

  1. Links to major insurance providers so insurance costs are delivered by api
  2. Use of to upload single or multiple contract hire ratesheets
  3. Precalculation of the gross salary sacrifice amount as well as the impact on net pay for all vehicles . The user can then filter on key criteria, or build a choice list.
  4. Inclusion of all tax flows, insurance costs, home chargepoint installation or any other cost that is needed
  5. Multiple settings to define how the scheme will work.
  6. User logins can be set up in Ratespanel.